Continuous architecture
for a digital world

We architect the systems that allow companies to compete in a Digital world.

Agile methodologies are being adopted at an increasing rate

More often than not however, the architecture of underlying systems impedes the ability to do this succesfully. By applying Agile principles to Architecture, systems can be (re)designed to empower an Agile transformation, allowing companies to achieve their goal of continually delivering value in the shortest sustainable lead time.

Tomorrow’s solutions need tomorrow’s architecture methodologies.

Our mission is to be recognised as an Open Agile Architecture™ expert. To achieve this, we focus on knowledge sharing and networking around the O-AA™ standard.

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Architecture As A Service

Our architects will help you put your strategy into practice and arrive at your destination by designing your digital systems to support new offerings and capabilities. We are purposefully directed to deliver value at each step of the way, embracing volatility rather than fearing it.

Minimum Viable Architecture

Taking your first steps in (Enterprise) Architecture can seem very daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Our Agile Architecture methodology allows you to dive into a specific Digital Transformation challenge and provide the answers you are looking for in a matter of days!

Defining Digital

Digital Transformation comes in many flavors. But what is the meaning of Digital for your company? Which digital solutions and systems do you need to have in place for your company to succeed in it’s goals? We’re here to help you answer this question and pave the way towards Digital Leadership!

Solution Assessment

Software vendors and –builders will always position their product as the best possible solution for your needs. As an independent center of expertise, we can help you in achieving an objective view so you can really choose the best solution for your Digital challenge.

O-AA Center of Excellence

Open Agile Architecture™ is a methodology that applies Agile principles to
Enterprise Architecture. As an O-AA™ expert, Agile Architects can bring you up to speed on this methodology through training, certification and setting up a Center of Excellence at your company.

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