4 questions for Frédéric Cantineau

Frédéric Cantineau is one of our very own Solution Architects. He is responsible for the architecture within one, or between multiple apps. He looks for ways to optimize the existing architecture and make it adaptable to new demands and technologies. Consequently, he makes sure that the already existing architecture is preserved. At the moment, Frédéric is working on a big project at Digitaal Vlaanderen for Agile Architects. We had a chat with him about what a day in his life is like, being a Freelance Solution Architect.  

What does your day look like?

“Whenever new solutions need to be implemented that do not fit within the current architecture, I look at it first. Does it fit or do we need something new? If I find something new, I look at how we can tackle this at the architectural level.” 

“What I like the most about my job is that I get to immerse myself in the technological complexity of the architecture that has been developed over the years. The web platform has grown into a large product with many components and a complex architecture. My task is to simplify and renew this architecture with new design principles and technologies. In short, it’s my job to ensure that the architecture we set up is future-proof.” 

How does it feel to work at Agile Architects as a freelancer?

“It’s great! Every last Friday of the month, the team comes together at our office in Ghent. We spend the afternoon chatting about our experiences and we help each other with issues.”  

“Our managing partners organise as many team events as possible, so we feel connected. There are meetings, lunches, team buildings … We also receive a budget to spend on trainings of our own choosing. Not bad, right?  

“I actively try to convince others to come work here as well, be it as a freelancer or not. You’re never just outsourced and left to fend for yourself.” 

What convinces you to keep working here?

Both the project and the team at Agile Architects. I see them generating many leads so when my project ends, I’m sure they’ll get me a new one soon that matches my personality and my expertise. Of course, I try to return the favour by, for instance, helping someone in our team with programming. When I have the right experience, I don’t mind lending a hand.”

What does the future hold for you?

Right now, my biggest challenge at Digitaal Vlaanderen, is the web platform. It’s my ambition to bring it to a successful conclusion before the end of the year. I’m interviewing developers to realise what I’m sketching. For me, leaving my mark on the renewal of the platform, is important. I’ve been developing for more than ten years, so I’m happy to have become a solution architect; it was the logical next step. I’d like to continue doing it.”

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