4 questions for Steffi Coysman

Steffi Coysman in a (rather tiny) nutshell? She has a background in Management and Computer Science and has been working for two years as a Business Analyst. In April 2021 Agile Architects have taken her under their wings. Why the choice for Agile Architects, though? We had a chat with Steffi about company culture, connection and her dreams for the future.

How did you end up at Agile Architects?

Steffi Coysman (Business Analyst at Agile Architects): “I already knew who Evert (Managing Partner & Lead Enterprise Architect at Agile Architects) was, from when he used to be one of my Unit Managers in a professional past. When Agile Architects was founded, we reconnected quite quickly. At that time, I was really looking for a different kind of company culture. I needed more autonomy, less micro management. A job where a certain freedom is attributed, where you are encouraged to take initiative. That is exactly what Agile Architects are all about. You could certainly call it a perfect match.”

Something you often encounter within the landscape of consultancy, is that the consultant is presented with a scale of projects without being permitted own input. That is not the case at Agile Architects; they always look for that fit between consultant and project. To me, that is lovely.”

What does your job as a Business Analyst entail precisely?

Steffi: “Let’s say that it is a varied job that tends to be very different according to the project I am working on. It can be all about drafting requirements or outlining processes, but it can just as easily be about something completely different like preparing future IT applications. Right now, I am working full-time on a project for the Federal Public Service Justice.”

When working full-time on specific projects, how do you guys keep the connection with the team?

Steffi: “Of course, a certain affinity with the client’s team develops quite naturally. Still, I feel one hundred percent part of Agile Architects. Our regular team activities certainly help. On the other hand, we also value sharing knowledge with each other. Every week we look at a few chapters from the Open Agile Architecture Framework of The Open Group. Those are not only moments for expanding your knowledge but they’re also ideal for connecting with colleagues. We share ideas, some give presentations, educational discussions arise organically … you name it.”

What does your future hold at Agile Architects?

Steffi: “Right now, we are all about creating awareness. I am sure everyone has heard of the Cronos Group by now, but it would be great if people who are looking for a team that combines analysis and architecture, for true Open Agile Architecture, immediately think to contact Agile Architects. That is something Tom and Evert are currently working on splendidly; creating and expanding the right network.”

“In terms of my own professional course, I would love to see myself grow further. Maybe in a couple of years I could be team lead at Agile Architects. Take new steps, fine-tune our vision and carry it out.”

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