A day in the life of an Enterprise Architect

Meet Evert, one of the founders of Agile Architects, but more to the point in this case: he’s an Enterprise Architect. We had a chat with him about what a day in his life is like, being a senior Enterprise Architect. 

What’s in a name: enterprise architecture is all about translating business strategies to efficient implementation by the right people with the right technology. It’s a broad role. Not for nothing do some people make a distinction between Enterprise Business Architects and Enterprise IT Architects. I am both and I wholeheartedly admit that it requires specific capabilities and a strong, communicative mindset.” 

“On the one hand, you need organisational skills. Businesses look to me for help with things like business process management and business process improvement. On the other hand, I’m their go-to person for more specific matters like determining the right technology for a specific part of their digital transformation. The most important part of the job, though, is being that bridge across the (deep) water between management and developing teams.  

“Communication is key. Persuading every party of the same objectives is no easy feat. Management has certain expectations you need to talk through together, whilst the developing teams need to be made aware of the final decisions to know why they’re doing what they’re doing. Business alignment is truly important.” 

“I make sure I’m always well-aware of the business I’m talking to and/or about, and that I understand the technologies that will be used. That means you need to know a thing or two about the workings of a CRM, for example, or an ERP. Communicative skills, and analytic and problem-solving thinking are indispensable in this job. I always stay on top of the basics of the technologies that are being used. When people consecutively talk details, I get support from the technical leads or the Solution Architect.”  

It’s incredibly satisfying to watch an organisation’s big goals come true. Our work is a long haul, and you won’t see results by the end of one working day. Logically so: you’re working on digital transformation that can take up to five years. It requires patience, but the effort is rewarded in the end.”  

“Something you can count on at Agile Architects, is working with similarly minded people who will support you to achieve (y)our goals. We aim to be catalysts who achieve true change within organisations and deliver short-term, and tangible added value. The most important part to consider in this job, is that the biggest learning curve is on the job. There are standards we can teach you of course, but you’ll mostly learn by doing and from your colleagues who are here for you with advice and assistance.” 

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