Working as a freelancer at Agile Architects

We’ve introduced you to a few of our colleagues by now. Did you know, though, that not everyone here is working on our payroll? Meet David Christiaens: freelancer at Agile Architects and here to tell you that, regardless of his status, he is very much a part of our team. Hear, hear! 

How did you find your way here? 

David Christiaens: “That’s actually a pretty straightforward story. I’ve been freelancing for seven years now, and when I was looking for a new challenge, I got into contact with someone from Cronos. I was triggered by the explanation of the job and by the inspiring conversation I had with Tom Callant. When I got here and my eyes were opened as to how this company and ecosystem work, I was more than excited to get started.” 

“Any freelancer will agree that we usually go through a classic intermediary when we’re looking for a job. I thought that Cronos would be a similar party, but I was very much mistaken. This is a whole different way of working. I love the fact that I can come to an office since working from home is not really my thing. There’s a wonderful dynamic here, the network offers many possibilities, and you feel like an added value as a freelancer, something you don’t have everywhere.” 

What was the onboarding process like for you?

David: “Agile Architects is an organisation that shows they care about and support their people, freelancers included. They showed me the ropes and explained the structure of the company. At first, it was a bit overwhelming, but they made sure that I had a week to read up on relevant stuff, to meet the right people and to get to know the team. By the time I had to start my project, I felt ready and up for the task!” 

Agile Architects quickly let me know that there are always people to help you or even just to talk to when something’s bothering you. I never felt like I had to find things out on my own, even ‘silly’ practical things like: ‘how to get connected to Cronos’s Wi-Fi’. You’re immediately pulled along on the journey and made feel welcome. What’s more, I feel like they value my opinion and listen to what I have to say. As Agile Architects is a startup company, I thoroughly enjoy that they’re involving me in their decisionmaking process. My insights matter to them which feels great.” 

Can you tell us a bit more about your job here?

David: “I’ve always worked as a project manager; I’m doing the same thing here. The project that I’m overseeing is situated at the government and concerns education; something that is dear to me as my wife is in the teaching profession. The technologies and programmes that I work with have always varied but the concept of agile architecture is new to me. I’d like to stay here and learn more on the subject. Seeing as I just started, I’ve got quite a way to go still but I’m liking it so far!” 

What’s the main reason you enjoy doing what you do?

David: “It’s great to have ended up in such a fun team. They organise monthly knowledge sharing sessions where I’m invited just as well. They always make me feel like part of the crew and truly support me. The commitment that everyone has here inspires me every day. Most of them are still quite young so the vibe is fresh. To me, that’s the main reason why I’d tell people to come work here – as freelancers or not. The atmosphere is fantastic.” 

“Like I said, I also think that the opportunities and the entrepreneurial mindset of Cronos – and Agile Architects – stimulate me to expand my horizons. I can imagine that it’s not for everyone but for me, this environment works like a charm.” 

Can you explain how you feel supported by Agile Architects in your endeavours?

David: “Tom and Evert regularly keep in touch and make sure that they hear from me on a frequent basis. They ask how I’m doing, and show they’re interested and engaged. I’m sure that I am always welcome to ask for help if the need would arise. For instance, I’d like to learn more about agile architecture and if the moment is right to start delving into the subject, I’m confident they’ll give me all the time, space and support to do that. If anything, because they know that it would give me the opportunity to become better at my job. How could anyone be opposed to that? (smiles)” 

Would you recommend working at Agile Architects as a freelancer?

David: “Absolutely. If you’re a dynamic person who likes a fastpaced rhythm; this could be the place for you. For me, this job is perfect because I am a big fan of this ecosystem, because I can count on support and guidance, and because the team is so great. Honestly, I hope that I can continue working here for a long time.” 

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